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I'm alive!!

I realized today that I haven't made a real post since November and I just had to pay for my paid account again so I figure I should post.

Since I last posted, I was laid off from my job and interviewing for new jobs. Shortly after, I started contracting for a company I previously worked for, VirtualTourist, and in February, I was hired full time. It's been really cool working for them. I get to keep working from home and I love that I work for a travel web site since traveling is currently my favorite hobby!

Traveling and travel planning are pretty much all I do in my spare time now. When I plan a trip, I do so in obsessive detail, trying to become an expert on the place so I can make the most out of my trip. Unfortunately, planning for future trips have taking priority over writing about my past ones but I plan to catch up soon. We went to San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend and I promise to write a report on that soon. I also need to write reports on my trips to Philadelphia and Europe from last year!

In one month, we'll be going to Alaska and I'm pretty much done planning that trip. I'm in the middle of planning our trip to Hawaii in November. And after I'm done planning that, we're hoping to go to Japan in the spring of 2011.

In other news, cosplay is pretty non-existent in my life right now. A-kon is this weekend but we're not going. It doesn't seem worth it since it's such a small con (though the largest in this area) and all we do now is shop in the dealer's room. The prices in the dealer's room haven't been great. We can get it from the same price online even though we have to pay for shipping. There are still a few costumes I haven't worn yet that I would like to but I've gained quite a bit of weight and I may not fit them anymore so I'll have to lose some weight before I can cosplay again. In general, I'm not as interested in cosplay as I used to. I guess it just isn't as fun anymore when you don't see your friends at cons and have people to cosplay with. It's also so hot out here that taking photos outside is like torture!

Anyway, I'm going to try to be better about updating my LJ!!

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